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Five Ways to a Calmer You

--In this week-long series, “Five Days to a Calmer You,” I talked routine. Simple practices that you can consider adding to your daily self-care routine. Ways to find your center and strengthen your stress baseline.

Stress will come and go. A routine will help you to maintain a healthier and more resilient version of you so that when stress happens, you don’t swing as high in those stressful states.

A self-care routine can help to create a healthier stress baseline; engaging in activities for optimal whole health; mind, body, and spirit.--

Five Days to a Calmer You: Bringing it all together

The last five days I’ve spent with you have been devoted to helping you to establish a simple routine. Five days of simple ways to establish a self-care routine for yourself to create a healthier stress baseline. A way to embrace a calmer you through the holiday season and beyond.

I have linked each article above for your reference, so that you can learn more about each practice. Here, in this article, I’m bringing it all together for practical application. I want to help you see how you can work these into your day. I want for you to imagine these routines for yourself.

Ready? I’m going to dive in! Below, I’m providing different scenarios for using the five practices I discussed this week. Each scenario uses all five ways!

Scenario One

Using 15 minutes in the morning; meditate for five minutes, journal for five minutes, practice gratitude for five minutes. Later in the day, after eating lunch, step outside for an easy walk around the block or parking lot, being sure to look up and breathe.

Scenario Two

Start the morning with an invigorating workout video. Afterwards, step outside as you lower your heart rate, catch your breath, and take in the scenery. As you get ready for work, thoughtfully think through your gratitude, jotting them down on the notebook you keep near. Before bed, wind down with five minutes of meditation followed by five minutes of reflective journaling, setting your intention for the next day.

Scenario Three

Devote your morning to your routine. After you wake you meditate, journal, practice gratitude, and workout. Before you leave for work (or sit down to work), step outside to look up and take a deep breath.

Scenario Four

Devote your evening to your routine. After dinner, step outside for a walk around the block or parking lot, being mindful of what you see and hear. As you settle in for bed, choose a five minute meditation to wind down from your day. Afterwards, journal your thoughts while also writing what you’re grateful for.

Scenario Five

Wake and perform some relaxing stretches followed by a brief meditation that focuses your morning mindset. Later as you sit down for lunch, grab your notebook and reflect on how your morning has gone and what you want your afternoon to look like. After dinner, sit on the step outside to write what you are grateful for, allowing your senses to take in your scenery.

Okay, I’ll stop there. I’m really tempted to keep going, but five feels like a good number (it’s consistent LOL.) What do you think? Do you see a scenario that fits your style? If you don’t, what would work best for you? And, if you could use some help, please reach out! We’ll work one up for you. Which one are you going to try?

Take care,



Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space

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