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Are you feeling overwhelmed, depleted, longing for more time for yourself?

Maybe you come home at night with little patience left.  Or you wake up feeling exhausted even though you’ve had eight hours of sleep?

Then it’s time for you to take the Feel Better Now Assessment and understand why you are so often spread thin, anxious, and stuck in a stress-filled cycle.

You’ll learn how your time is working against you and also why it’s difficult for you to put yourself first…all in under an hour.

How it works: Do a brief assessment, answer a few questions, and then hop on the phone for a 45 minute call with me.

At the end you will know:

1. Why you are always depleted, out of patience, and out of time.

2. What one area you can easily shift right now to get some guilt-free TLC.

3. Know exactly - in concrete, tailored for you steps - what you can do immediately to feel and function better. (Don't worry, we’ll make it simple.)

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After payment, I will e-mail you by the next business day with instructions and a link to schedule your 45 minute session!

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Wheat Field


Or, are you ready for more?  Like…tons of personal attention from me?  Let’s see if a coaching package is right for you.

Do you ever feel frustrated by not being able to figure our your next best step?  Or, you second-guess your decisions, not trusting yourself?

Think about this instead… As you get ready for bed and reflect on your day, you smile with a sense of peace and gratitude because you've learned how to trust yourself; to honor your needs, your time, and your intuition.

My coaching package will get your there.  How?  Please let me tell you!  (I love this part.)

PHASE 1: Where you are

As a high-achiever you, no doubt, have a lot going on. Life is noisy! This is why we’ll start by looking at what intuition is and how you can begin to find and follow it by, first, finding self-care. No, not the cliché stuff, I’m talking meaningful, impactful care of Self.  (Rest assured, I won’t suggest a bubble bath to cure your ails.)  We’re going to take a look at where you are today; how your time is spent and where you fit into your to-do list.  Without judgement, we’ll wrap our hands around your life as it is because your reality is important.  You’ll create a personalized process, a plan for prioritizing you, setting the stage for whole-self functioning; mind, body, and soul.

PHASE 2: Who you are

Until you become aware of who you truly are (your strengths, values, beliefs), you cannot begin to evaluate how you do and want to show up in the world.  As a high-achiever, you often get stuck in the thrill of the chase not stopping to think if the achievement results in what you really want.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to (sound familiar?)  If you’re going to find and follow your intuition, if you’re going to make confident decisions you trust, you need to meet and greet yourself with open arms.  Let’s get to know the amazing woman behind all of that achieving drive.  Knowing her through in and throughout, this process equips you with what you need to start trusting yourself.

PHASE 3: What you see

With an understanding of where and who you are, we’ll lay the groundwork for confident decision-making you trust.  We’re going to identify the lenses through which you see and experience the world.  With these lenses defined, you will create a framework to recognize when your mind is closed to intuition and how to open it.  For example; let’s say that you’re up against a difficult decision at work and are worried that you’ll choose incorrectly.  The work we do in this phase will allow for you to see your situation from a broader view, identify the lens through which you are looking, and shift into intuition.  The result?  You’ll stop overthinking and start making confident decisions you trust.

PHASE 4: Where you're going

By this phase you will have all of your tools in hand for following intuition, for more quickly and confidently making decisions you trust.  And, we want to ensure that you continue to know how to use them going forward.  To solidify your work, we’ll plot your next best steps to ensure that you stay aligned with what is true for you.  No need for overthinking, second-guessing, or gathering opinions.  You will see your path ahead of you and, using what you learned, understand how to best navigate it.  Your intuition is your greatest resource, your built-in “forever tool,” and you’ll use it every day.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  It’s within your reach.  Simply invite me to walk beside you.  First step, let’s connect over a 20-minute coaching consult call. Painless, I promise.  Actually, to the contrary, it’s quite enjoyable. 

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Bridge Over River


I can enhance your sessions with Tarot.  Tarot is a powerful nuanced tool that can help us to affect real empowered change in our lives. The use of Tarot helps to “remove the noise” and read the inner spaces.  It equips you with additional information to consider as you choose and navigate your life journey.

Read more about Tarot and my style of reading here. If you would prefer your sessions without Tarot, I am happy to oblige.  All costs are the same. If you would like a Tarot reading outside of a regularly scheduled session, they can be scheduled separately at an additional cost. Details here.

Coaching: Services
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