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Five Days to a Calmer You: Day Five

--In this week-long series, “Five Days to a Calmer You,” I’m talking routine. Simple practices that you can consider adding to your daily self-care routine. Ways to find your center and strengthen your stress baseline.

Stress will come and go. A routine will help you to maintain a healthier and more resilient version of you so that when stress happens, you don’t swing as high in those stressful states.

A self-care routine can help to create a healthier stress baseline; engaging in activities for optimal whole health; mind, body, and spirit.--

Day Five: Nature

Here we are, day five of “Five Days to a Calmer You.” Five days of simple ways to establish a self-care routine for yourself to create a healthier stress baseline. A way to embrace a calmer you through the holiday season and beyond.

Day five is Nature. Y’all, there is a big beautiful world out there. Life can be overwhelming and so easily we get wrapped up into the details of it all. Nature is here to remind us that we are part of something bigger. That our day-to-day trials and tribulations are largely created in our minds. That our need to rush was created by us, not by that which exists around and beyond us.

Incorporating nature into your routine is the easiest of all. Get up, step outside, look up, and take a deep breath. Be mindful and take note of what you can see, hear, touch, and smell. Recognize that your space in this existence is surrounded by the change of seasons and subject to the elements as they are.

You, me, the animals and plants…we are all here together as part of an integral ecosystem. Take a moment to release some of the control you feel you need to maintain and, instead, lean into the flow and divine timing of life itself, as seen in nature.

Step outside. Look up. Breathe. Observe and be mindful. This simple act will remind you of the vastness and beauty that exists outside in nature, outside of our walls of overwhelm.

Take care,


PS – Tomorrow I will release one last article for this series, integrating all five days (here are one, two, three, and four) into one as an overview. This will give you the opportunity to think about how you can painlessly integrate this peaceful routine into your days.


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space

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