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I am a coaching/consultative style reader.  I believe that the Tarot is a powerful nuanced tool that can help us to affect real empowered change in our lives. My speciality is in helping clients to gain the most from their reading by asking empowered questions of the Tarot.  With that, you'll find that I take some time with you in the intake process to get to the root of your submission.

The Tarot reads the energy of a current situation, your current space.  It taps into inner energy allowing you to see more comprehensively.  It allows for a quieting of the mind, finding your intuition. This provides you with information and guidance.  You have free will.  You lead your life, you make your choices.

Please note, I am not a predictive style reader.  I empower clients with information and options.  Rather than focusing on fate-based questions (will, when, should, is, where, who), I prefer choice-based questions (what, how, why).  Choice-based questions empower, rather than disempower, the client.  Powerful questions allow for us to fully engage the Tarot. Yes/No questions are not empowering questions and I will not provide dates/timelines.  Also, I abide by my Code of Ethics and Standards


Reach out to me via my Contact page with your request.  I'll follow up with a discussion and quote.

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