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Five Days to a Calmer You: Day Three

--In this week-long series, “Five Days to a Calmer You,” I’m talking routine. Simple practices that you can consider adding to your daily self-care routine. Ways to find your center and strengthen your stress baseline.

Stress will come and go. A routine will help you to maintain a healthier and more resilient version of you so that when stress happens, you don’t swing as high in those stressful states.

A self-care routine can help to create a healthier stress baseline; engaging in activities for optimal whole health; mind, body, and spirit.--

Day Three: Gratitude

Gratitude. A quick Google search will flood you with the vast number of benefits that a gratitude mindset and practice will bring your life; mind, body, and spirit.

The practice of gratitude will look and sound different for everyone. However, at its root, it’s simply a practice of seeing the good in your life. And, the good in life can be found around every corner and is in your light and shadows, in your ups and downs.

It can be recognizing the small and specific, like a hot cup of coffee. The broad and amazing, a beautiful sunrise. Momentous occasions like a family member having a baby. And concepts of the greater view of life, such as being thankful for the day that has been given to you as a gift, not something you earned.

If you’re starting a gratitude practice, start simply. Consider keeping a gratitude journal. A blank notebook will work or, if you’d like, there are many gratitude journals available.

A simple way to get started…list three things that you are grateful for. Look at your last 24 hours, your present moment, and/or your day ahead. What are three things that you are grateful for? Try to feel into it. Why are you grateful for it? How does it make you feel? What senses are stirred up when you think of it?

Here’s an example from my journal:

  • I am grateful for the curiosity I feel today. A yearning to learn and explore my world, opening my heart and mind to new ideas.

  • I am grateful for the $7.00 mug I picked up on a whim at World Market. The colors and vibe give me a warm nostalgic feel.

  • I am grateful for the peace I feel as I embrace this holiday season for everything I love about it while minimizing that which I don’t.

While simple, it’s amazingly effective. You will feel the benefits, namely shifts in focus and mindset. You’ll feel less dread, fear, and anxiety while feeling increased calmness, hopefulness, and joy.

Just like meditation (Day One) and journaling (Day Two), a gratitude practice can be quite quick! AND, you can add it to your meditation and journaling routines.

  1. Meditation (5 minutes)

  2. Journaling (5 minutes)

  3. Gratitude (5 minutes)

For the full routine above, consider giving yourself permission to use 15 minutes in the morning, after you wake. Or, if the idea of taking this 15 minutes in the morning makes you cringe in a hard way, it also makes for an excellent pre-sleep routine, winding down from your day.

Carving this time out for you, for a self-care routine, will strengthen your stress baseline and allow for a calmer you. However, no pressure…Not ready for all three? That’s okay! Create a sustainable routine for you and tailor it as you go. You will still experience positive impact.

Take care,


PS…One more personal note on gratitude. I was coached by a Gratitude Geek (don't worry, she embraces this title by all 😊) who lives and loves gratitude. She was (is) an amazing coach and I appreciated her guidance so much. I am grateful for the gratitude the she both exhibited and taught. Such a great message to spread and stand for. 💛


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space

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