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What lights you up?

I was thinking in the shower this morning. (Don’t all great conversations with yourself happen in the shower…or on walks…or whenever you quiet down?) As I thought about the day ahead and the Full Moon, the energy of which was the focus of my early morning routine, a question came to mind…

“What lights me up?”

I have A LOT of things going on at once, currently (always). This isn’t a bad thing. Actually, I’ve learned that it’s part of how I’m designed. Occasionally, people look at me and say “You’re doing too much.” Well, it’s not entirely true. I’m only doing too much if much of what I’m choosing to do isn’t aligned with my desires. I have to align my drive with my desire. And therein lies the issue I found for myself…

As I was thinking about my day ahead and everything I either had to get done or wanted to get done, I realized a need for more of what lights me up. Very little of what I was listing for myself was lighting me up. My realization led me to understand my assignment:

  1. Triage. AKA, evaluate the priority level of the items on my list.

  2. Weave into my day moments of illumination, of light.

  3. Be present with those moments and plot a few to look forward to.

Now, I know as well as you do, not everything that we need to get done in a day can “light us up.” However, three things:

  1. We can introduce light into our days. Small bouts of time to do something we truly enjoy, something that lights us up. It doesn’t have to be much at all. Start somewhere with something.

  2. We can evaluate what in our lives can take a backseat. What are you doing because you’ve always done it? What can truly wait? What can you shed entirely? What can you make more efficient? What can you delegate?

  3. We can bring our own unique light into even the most mundane of tasks. While this isn’t true for all tasks, it’s a matter of perspective. By bringing your authentic self, your light, into your day and throughout your day, you will create more joy. By prioritizing gratitude, you will cultivate joy.

Give yourself this moment to consider, what lights YOU up? As you think about…

  • Creativity, rest, and play. Or,

  • Curiosity and what sparks intrigue, wonder, or passion. Or,

  • What grounds you, brings you peace and calm. Or,

  • What brings a smile to your face, brings on a feeling of happiness, relief, or gratitude

What comes up for you? What images come to mind? What lights you up? With that in mind, find space, even if small, to implement that light into your life.

As for what I did...

  • I worked backwards into my light, LOL! I gave myself some intentional focus time to sort out a few work items that had been weighing on me. After clearing them out, I was able to clear space mentally (a weight off of my shoulders, if you will). And, in that space, I found relief and cleansing breaths. I found some peace.

  • I said “yes” to listening in on a webinar that focused on creativity and wellness (both personally and professionally). It was a great talk in a great community. Empowering and insightful. I reminded myself to be fully present as I listened rather than feeling the need to do more.

  • I allowed myself to look forward to a really cool class I’m participating in tonight. It’s time that will be dedicated to me and my self-discovery. A rich experience that I’m grateful for.

In that list, in finding what lights me up; I found deeps breaths, calm, achievement, peace, empowerment, inspiration, joy, gratitude, and excitement. Likely more. I did this without added stress. In fact, it helped to regulate my stress. And to think…

This all started with a question in the shower, that led to awareness, that led to a positive shift.

Stay curious.

Take care,



Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space

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