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How do you practice self-care?

Self-care is a popular topic. And frequently misunderstood. Self-care doesn’t require money, abundant amounts of time, or a feminine energy. Self-care is something that helps to bring you peace and keep balance in your life. While it can be a trip to the spa, it’s likely many other things. Think of a moment of quiet in which you can take a few deep breaths to gather yourself, practicing mindfulness. Or quieting the noise of the day with a game of cards. Taking the time to declutter a space that has been weighing on you. Or breaking a sweat with a workout. Plus, so many more examples.

For me, one of my favorite practices of self-care is my morning routine. The quiet dark room before sunrise and the opportunity to see the sun peak over the horizon. I meditate, journal, and do a brief Tarot reflection. It’s followed by my workout and then I’m off to start my day. This time of solitude helps to bring so much balance to my day.

How do you practice self-care? What can you implement into your day to bring you a moment of peace and balance? To quiet your mind and center yourself in your present moment and for the time ahead of you?

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