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How you spend your days

I journal each morning after meditation. Sometimes free-flow and other times prompted. This morning I found a prompt from The prompt; “How I spend my days is how I’ll spend my life. How do I feel about that?” They state: “If you’re not totally enjoying and flowing in the present moment because you’re sacrificing now for your future, you won’t be present when that future comes. Everyone’s trying to get somewhere, but there’s nowhere to go because the point of arrival is always now.”

How much time do you spend enjoying the ride? If we’re always looking to the future, yet not embracing the moments that get us there, we can’t feel fulfilled. We can’t be mindful. We can’t be present. It’s okay to keep working towards your goals. In fact, by all means, do! Just don’t forget to look up, breathe, and acknowledge the space you’re in. Acknowledge those who support you and the amazingness of your unique and beautiful being. You’re here navigating your soul purpose. And, just as a flower is not rushed to bloom, neither are you.

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