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A FREE flexible time-for-you tool! 

  • Do you wake anxious thinking of what your day looks like?

  • Frustrated by not being able to find a moment to yourself?

  • At the end of the day, are you depleted and struggle with the idea of how you’ll ever find consistent time for yourself?

You’re a driven do-it-all woman…who wants to not lose herself in the busyness of life.  Knowing exactly how that feels, I have created this flexible Intention Journaling worksheet for you.  With this worksheet, you’ll be able to painlessly implement some meaningful time for you into your night or day, or both.

Why use this journaling worksheet?  It’s an EASY way to introduce quiet moments into your routine, moments that are devoted to you.  This exercise quiets and focuses your overactive mind, allowing you to process your day, with intention.  It will help you to focus your drive on that which matters most, leading to increased fulfillment.

Get it here.  No strings attached.  No sales pitch.  Simply, a gift from me to you.

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