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Today I remember and reflect, with gratitude.

I was torn as to whether I post today or not. No matter the decision, I wanted for it to be based on where I am in my feels as I reflect back to the horrific events of 20 years ago. While I had originally decided to stay low, my morning reflection guided me otherwise.

After my meditation, I sat down to journal. I stared at a blank page. Thinking about where I was 20 years ago. Thinking of the weekend ahead. A weekend in which, yesterday, I asked y’all to do something that brings you joy. I stand by that. And apparently the Universe stands behind me.

I started to free-flow write. Writing about how today is a day of remembrance and reflection. I wrote about all I’m grateful for. More specifically, I’m grateful for the life I get to live. Literally, my living breathing life. We don’t all get to live for the next day. I will be grateful for every day I am given. Also, I wrote of my gratitude for all those I love, whom I hold dearly, and who serve as my support system. I am so grateful that they get to live to see their next day, too.

I decided that I will embrace this weekend for all that is good. To appreciate the sun in the sky that rises each day after setting each night. I will embrace my loved ones, for life is nothing without love. I’m focusing on what makes this life truly worth living.

What pushed me to write this post, really more for myself than anything else, was the Tarot draw I did after my journaling. I asked:

- How can I best embrace joy this weekend?

- How can I best stay centered this weekend?

I received The Sun and the Nine of Chalices. Look at these cards, they’re gorgeous. The amazing part

Deck: The Prisma Visions Tarot, James R. Eads

though, they repeat what I wrote in my journal.

The Sun is a reminder that life is amazing…and precious. So precious. The sun is warm and fills our world and hearts with light. This card is the epitome of joy, the topic that was on my mind yesterday and into this morning. The Nine of Chalices is a heart full of love. Fulfillment. And a reminder that the sun both sets and rises. We can have good days and bad. But, to remember what it’s all about, a heart full of love for yourself and those around you.

I feel aligned. Feeling both sadness and joy, I still manage to feel aligned. Such is life, right? This amazing and precious life that I get to live. With those I love.

I am writing this today in a cathartic sense. Writing and publishing is helping me to work through my thoughts. Today, I will remember. And I’ll give myself space to reflect. I will continue to honor all who rushed to a scene of disaster and sit with those who hold both pain and love in their hearts. Take care, all.


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