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Summer Solstice Tarot Reading

In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrated Summer Solstice 06/20/2021. Over the past couple of years, I’ve become particularly attuned to how the seasonal shifts affect us as humans on this vast abundant Earth. They shift the Earth’s energies and, therefore, ours. Summer is a special one (well, they all are, but I digress lol).

I love to pull a Summer Solstice Tarot Spread when this energy enters. It’s the longest day of light. And, as such, the spread lines up with that energy. It’s a time to evaluate what emerged for you in the spring, what in your life is growing and expanding, and how you can shine authentically in that warm summer sun. If you’re interested in a Summer Solstice reading, reach out! It is the current featured reading. If you’re reading this at a time when it’s no longer featured, here is the summary…

Summer is a time to evaluate what emerged for you in spring. How you can continue to grow and flourish? How can you shine your light, embracing your authenticity in that bright summer sun? This reading has been crafted to help you embrace life’s abundance with gratitude and empowering forward movement.


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space via Tarot and serving as their accountability partner and guide via Intuitive Coaching.

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