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Okay, I get it. I'm working too much.

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I asked Tarot and, once again, it delivered. Let me explain…

I have a tendency to apply my WHOLE self to what I’m into at any given moment. As of late, I’ve been feeling like I’m working too much. Let me clarify, I have been working too much. With that, I’ve been feeling a void in my spiritual journey, an area of my life I want to continue nurturing. While I’ve been telling myself that I need to apply energy towards it, I haven’t prioritized it. And, without achieving what I say I want, I end up feeling those classic nasty feelings of guilt and failure.

I had to ask myself, “Do I truly want to advance my spiritual journey?” Yes. Yes, I do. “What is standing between me and advancing my spiritual journey?” My “duh” answer, I’m not giving it the time, I’m working too much. But, you know what, y’all? I can be stubborn.

Here’s the thing, I’m not certain that I want to stop working too much. So, I thought, “Maybe it’s something else. Maybe something else is standing in my way.” I turned to my Tarot deck for clarity. I chose a simple Current Situation/Obstacle/Advice spread. The cards aligned with my intuition. They gave me a message. I’m working too much 🤦‍♀️. I need to prioritize my spiritual journey. I need to look up from my work and connect. To foster relationships. Did I need for the cards to tell me something I already knew? (I laughed to myself as I typed that because the answer is…) Apparently, I did! With this personal reading, I can confidently say that, yes, I want to stop working too much in the name of my spiritual advancement.

It’s affirmations like these that help me on my journey. That help me to gain true clarity and to transform. And, just like that, my actions items are being implemented. My current effort is in creating healthy boundaries for my work-self. These boundaries will involve time restrictions, rules for when I must shutdown. By doing that, I will be able to carve out time for my spiritual advancement, prioritizing it.

Image: Deck used - The Brady Tarot, Emi Brady, © 2020 Emi Brady


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