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My week. For me.

Today is the first day of a new week, a great day for reflection. To think about the past week and how it affected me. What happened, what did I learn, what am I grateful for? And then, to think about the week ahead. Often, we get wrapped up in large goals and productivity. It’s good to take a moment and check in with ourselves to see how we’re doing and how we can best care for ourselves. I created this five-card weekly spread for just that.

How does it work? Without Tarot cards, I sit and think about the above. I then think about the five positions of the spread. In the week ahead:

  • I will embrace…

  • I will release…

  • For my mind I will…

  • For my body I will…

  • For my spirit I will…

Journaling my thoughts, I then turn to Tarot. Drawing a card for each position, I am able to gain divine guidance into my thoughts. It helps me to see if I’m on the right track or have room to fine tune. In this instance, Tarot helps me to tap into my intuition. It’s easy to get swept up into mind space, ego, and consciousness. Tarot helps to tap into intuition, subconscious. Ultimately, this process helps to align myself with my path. Also, it’s a great form of self-care, aligning my mind, body, and spirit; assuring that I’m aware and kind to myself.

It’s a low pressure process and allows a quiet moment for me to settle into my week, to both center and give myself a continual centering point.It’s not as “grand” as my monthly intuitive goal setting spread.It provides me the peaceful undercurrent that allows my flow to take me progressively forward.

There you have it. My week. For me. Your turn...what about your week, for you? This can be done with or without Tarot cards. However, Tarot is where the depth happens. If you'd like for me to help you with this process, please reach out. We'll talk and pull some cards.


Angela McKay is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside you lending insights into your space via Tarot and serving as your accountability partner via Coaching.

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