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Monday Mantra: I do direct my own life

A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound you can use in meditation or throughout your day to achieve a state of mind. Today, I’m choosing to discuss a mantra that is connected to your Solar Plexus chakra. The mantra of the Solar Plexus chakra is “I do.” And, here we’ll discuss, “I do direct my own life.”

There is a difference between “I will” and “I do.” In the world of manifestation, you consider the things you desire to have already been done. Your energy aligns with this process. To say “I will” leaves too much space for ambiguity when it comes to items of pursuit, drive, or passion. “I do” confirms that it is part of who you are, now.

Many prefer to not recognize that they direct their own life. It’s easy to look at external forces and feel knocked down or out of control. To hold your power and to honor yourself, you must recognize that you direct your own life. You make your choices. Your Solar Plexus is where your personal power is housed. Think of “fire in your belly” with your Solar Plexus being located in the space above your navel and below your ribs.

Try it out with your affirming statements, “I do.” It reflects the personal power of your Solar Plexus. It is best applied to those items in your life in which you feel drive and pursuit. Try it with an emphasis on “do” and a pause before you continue. “I do direct my own life. I do…direct my own life.”


Angela McKay is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside you lending insights into your space via Tarot and serving as your accountability partner via Coaching.

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