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Monday Mantra: I am fulfilled. I am fearless.

A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound you can use in meditation or throughout your day to achieve a state of mind. Today, I’m discussing, “I am fulfilled. I am fearless.”

Think of this as gratitude and courage, thankfulness and confidence. A state of being in your moment and welcoming of the next.

“I am fulfilled.” This is an affirmative statement of gratitude. It is to say that in this very moment you have what you need, you are where you are supposed to be, you’re a vessel of love, abundant, with abundance to give. The sun has risen and you get to live another day of your path.

“I am fearless.” The past cannot be changed and the future is not certain. We live everyday only in the moment we’re in. To fear your next step is to conjure anxiety, to fear the unknown. You create your life, you advance your path. No one can do it for you. Grant yourself the courage to push forward, to grow. Embrace confidence and do not fear mistakes as they are your building blocks. Be fearless, embracing each moment you have and trusting that your intuitive decisions will carry you forward to where you’re to be.

In the morning and throughout the day, use this mantra. Feeling a moment of stress or overwhelm? Close your eyes (only if it’s safe of course), take a deep breath in through your nose filling your abdomen and say in your head, “I am fulfilled.” Push the breath out through your mouth, releasing tension, “I am fearless.” I am fulfilled. I am fearless.


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space via Tarot and serving as their accountability partner and guide via Intuitive Coaching.

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