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I had an important call this morning.

I had a call this morning, an important one. And, when intuition calls, I try my best to answer. Here’s how I ensured that I heard the message.

As many have expressed, times have been a bit tough as of late. Higher anxiety, bad dreams, languishing, and more. Be it in the air or in our bodies, it’s important to acknowledge what you’re experiencing and how you’re reacting.

Personally, I’ve been feeling the need for further spiritual connection and balanced energy. As such, I aligned my meditation and journaling with my inner calling. I began with an energy cleansing meditation and chose the following crystals to support my intentions. I held them in my hand, close to my heart.

✨Celestite (blue) – A crystal of the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. It’s high-vibe! Excellent for Divine communication, calmness, and clarity.

✨Black Onyx (black) – A crystal of the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye chakras. It encourages energy to be focused in a positive direction. It aids in self-control, endurance, and persistence.

✨Howlite (white) – A crystal of all chakras. It’s an excellent meditation stone. Great for calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. Also an awesome communication aid.

I had a wonderful experience with the meditation, feeling a peace and calm afterwards while also recognizing my light and its purpose in my daily intentions and interactions. (It doesn’t hurt that the meditation was guided by one of my favorite mediation voices, Kenneth Soares.)

The journaling that followed, crystals still near, gave me the space to sort through the meditation and what it affirmed for me. It was also my opportunity to create and envision what I want. Where your mind goes, your energy flows, so it’s important to create with purpose.

Lastly, I drew both Tarot and Oracle cards. Both cards aligned with my meditation and journaling intentions. The Star reminded me that, even from rubble, there is the opportunity to build something great. That no matter your space, there is hope and gratitude to be had. And that beauty exists in every corner to be appreciated by the person and their soul. With this card, I created an affirmation for my day. “I am grateful and hopeful. I see beauty and opportunity all around me.”

The Oracle card is a reminder that our existence here is but a flash in the pan, yet full of beauty and lessons. And, that we aren’t to get wrapped up in the stressors and fear. Rather we hand over our fear and stressors to our Higher team and embrace that life is both light and shade. In all opportunities, there is something to be gained for a Higher purpose. To experience all is to be and feel fully human.

This intentional morning routine helps me to quiet my space. It helps me to care for myself before I go about my day giving to others. It provides me the energy to give from an overflowing cup rather than operating in a state of depletion. It also helps me to hear and follow my intuition, aligning messages that both center and propel me.

I now take this moment to remind you that self-care is highly individualized. This process that I wrote about is great for me. And, maybe it would be great for you. But, maybe not. It’s about creating space for yourself that works for you. It’s about identifying what will best serve you and making small adjustments to increase your energy and joy.

How do you start your day? When do you find quiet moments to process your inner spaces?

Take care,

Angela 💛


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space via Tarot and serving as their accountability partner and guide via Intuitive Coaching.

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