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Goals are not always driven

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

As part of my personal practice, I draw a Tarot card each morning to gain insight into my day (it’s also a great way to keep my reading skills sharp.) One recent morning I asked, “What can I do today to help slow my racing mind?” Shuffled and pulled. The Chariot. Reversed. I laughed.

Y’all, before asking this question, I already knew that I had been working too hard. I already knew that I was trying to juggle too much at once. I already knew that I needed to slow down. However, we humans, we’re stubborn! My Higher self though, and my guides, they have a way of speaking to me through Tarot. Sometimes in a very straightforward manner.

The Prisma Visions Tarot, James R. Eads,

The Chariot Reversed, I was being delivered a two-word message. SLOW DOWN. Not via just collective meaning. Or intuitive meaning. But, via imagery as well. My question had the word “racing.” Look at the card, the car is racing through the night. And the Tarot took that racing car and turned it upside down. SLOW DOWN.

Okay, here is where my hopeless- self shines through. After laughing, I looked back at the card and said, “But, hoooooow? How do I slow down?” Perhaps a touch whiny, but I’ve been struggling with this concept, slowing down. I created a quick spread to lend additional insight.

To summarize; 1. I’ve been placing too much energy into my long-term vision which is overwhelming my short-term. 2. I need to show myself some grace. 3. It will be helpful for me to take a look from the sidelines, gathering my scenery. And, ultimately, 4. Let the wind carry me. Sometimes, I need to drive. Other times, I need to flow.

When goal setting and trying to achieve, it’s easy to get sucked into structure and measurement. However, embracing the space that the goal holds is just as important. Life is happening all around us. And time is relative. Don’t push so hard that your mind, body, and spirit suffer. That’s not a viable or enjoyable way of existence. Look up, breathe, express gratitude, regain focus on your wellbeing, and let the wind carry you forward for a moment. Slow down.


Oh wait. Before I close, I wanted to share a few ways in which I put this Tarot message into play:

  • I follow a workout regimen. It was dynamic recovery day, which consists of stretching and mobility. I am known for skipping these days in my program. But, I didn’t! Warmed up with a one-mile walk and performed the dynamic recovery. Felt great. And, helped me to remember that mobility is just as important to my longevity and aging process as lifting and heart health.

  • My son had a dental procedure and stayed home from school. I had planned to still try and work a full day. However, I shifted gears. I worked a partial day allowing myself to flow more easily between work and tending to him. I even sat to play a game, his reward for being so brave for his procedure.

  • I decided that I could skip a night of dinner prep and order in, taking care of at least one to-do item from my list.

  • I sat with a book and a glass of wine, shutting down all electronics. Easing my mind of what else I “had to get done” and embracing a moment.

Alright, now I’ll close. Remember, take that deep breath and enjoy the gift of existence. Until next time, take care.

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