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Get what you want with three words

Is there something you want? A way you want to show up? A way you want to be?


These three words will change your life…

Act as if.

Let’s see it in action…

  • Do you want to be more confident? Act as if you are confident person.

  • Do you want to workout regularly? Act as if you are someone who works out.

  • Do you want more peace in your life? Act as if you are someone who approaches life with peace.

The key? These two things.

  1. Make “act as if” a permanent part of your language.

  2. Take one small step towards the goal.

What’s the problem? Many people experience failure of their goal by taking an “all or nothing” approach. Or by creating a system that sets them up for failure. Let’s look at the workout example.

Have you ever set a goal to “get fit?” And with that, you think to yourself, “Okay. I need to eat healthy. And workout.” You restrict your food intake, go on a diet (that word makes me cringe), and set a schedule to workout. Every day.

  • Day 1. You follow the plan, you feel good, empowered even.

  • Day 2. You’re already sick of it because you feel like you’re being robbed of everything you love and enjoy. You’re tired. And your body is sore.

  • Day 3. You fade off.

OR…The day before Day 1, you say with gusto, “Alright, I start tomorrow!” You indulge to get it “out of your system.” Tomorrow comes. And goes. Nothing changes.

AND…All of the above leaves you feeling like you failed.

Let’s Reboot. Okay, reboot, let’s look at that example again through the “act as if” lens.

  • You set a goal to “get fit.”

  • You say to yourself, “Act as if you are someone who is fit. Act as if you care to be fit.”

  • Next, identify one small step in the “fit” direction. What does a fit person do? You think to yourself, “They exercise.” Awesome, you identified a starting point.

  • Now, make one small commitment. For example, take a five minute walk per day There’s your one small step forward.

That is how you are going to start acting as if you are a fit person.

What this will do for you. I get it, you’re saying, “That won’t make me fit.” What it WILL do is allow for you to commit to yourself, follow through (which increases your self-trust), create a habit, and build on your habit. It’s sustainable. SUSTAINABLE. That’s really (really really really) important.

What is your bigger vision? What do you want? You can either keep looping yourself through the repeat cycle. The one that drains you, decreases your self-trust, leaves you feeling badly, and gets you nowhere. Or you can start taking small steps forward toward a bigger vision for yourself.

PS…Read this carefully. You’re always acting as if. You’re already doing it. The question is, what are you acting as if? Where are your current actions taking you? And is that where you want to go? Is that your bigger vision for yourself, for your life?

Act as if. One small step.


Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space via Tarot and serving as their accountability partner and guide via Intuitive Coaching.

Intuition isn’t magic, everyone has it. Are you connected to yours? Or do you spend time overthinking, second-guessing, or asking others what you should do? If you’re a high-achieving woman looking for a solid framework to follow your intuition and trust yourself to more quickly and confidently make decisions, let’s make it happen.

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