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Five Days of Reflection: a 2021 wrap-up exercise

While the switch from December 31st to January 1st is no different than any other day-to-day transition, it is also quite different (funny how that works). There is that sense of renewal, hope, and drive that is stronger than any other transition of its kind. I like to use the last week of the year as a time for reflection.

This week I posted a question a day to use for reflection in whatever way best suits you (journal, meditation, quiet thought, Tarot or Oracle cards…) Today is the final day, day five.

Remember, release all judgment as you reflect. This reflection is not a time to hold yourself accountable to what you had set out to achieve in 2021, to that which is no longer in your control to achieve. Instead, you are here to gather, learn, and carry forward. To honor your experiences and growth.

First, here are days one through four, in case you missed them on my social posts.

DAY ONE (Monday 12/27/21)

What were your biggest achievements in 2021?

Big and small (because sometimes small is big), what were your biggest achievements in 2021? What can you look back on and say “yeah, that was pretty awesome”?

Why did I choose this question? Truth be told, I’ve spent a lot of my life caught in an “achiever” trap. Defining myself by achievements. Achieving for others over myself. Making achievements and then moving onto the next without having stopped to acknowledge something cool I did. With that…I started my journey years ago to becoming a healthy achiever. Achieving in line with my purpose, my authenticity, myself. And, this period of reflection allows me to say, “Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Good job, me.”

DAY TWO (Tuesday 12/28/21)

✨What were your biggest challenges in 2021?

Reflecting on your challenges does not equal dwelling. Instead, you’re looking back and saying, “yeah, that was kinda rough.” Then, focus on what you can do with that acknowledgement. How did you persist or rise above? When did you fall? What did it teach you? And what awareness can it bring to you? Or simply say, “I endured that. Go, me.”

DAY THREE (Wednesday 12/29/21)

✨What did you learn about yourself in 2021?

We are ever-evolving and always learning about ourselves. Recognizing this and tuning into the awareness is huge. When you look back over the past year, what did you learn about yourself? What did you do with that awareness? How have you developed?

DAY FOUR (Thursday 12/30/21)

✨What are three words you would use to describe 2021 and why?

You can use a three word phrase or three individual describing words. You can create a mantra or affirmation with your three words. Looking for a New Year’s ritual? You can bury or safely burn your three words just before midnight to signify what you’re moving on from as you transition into 2022. Or…get creative and let this exercise take you wherever it leads!

READY FOR DAY FIVE?! Here it is 😊 …

DAY FIVE (Friday 12/31/21)

✨What will you leave behind in 2021 and what will you carry forward into 2022?

Thinking of days one through four of this reflection exercise, what are you ready to leave behind you? What is something that you no longer wish for yourself and can say, I am walking into 2022 without it? And then on the flip side, think of what you’ll intentionally carry forward. What is a seed you planted in 2021 that you want to see grow in 2022?


I walked through this exercise for myself this week and am glad I did. My reflection was different than I would have anticipated, with points rising to the surface that I didn’t initially expect. How did it go for you? I’d love to hear from you if you want to share.

Take care,



Angela McKay LLC specializes in Life Coaching and Tarot. Angela is an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Professional. She stands beside her clients, lending insights into their space.

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