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Does your creativity need a nudge?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Tarot is an excellent tool for helping your creativity to flow! In making a content plan for the remainder of the month, I was feeling a bit scattered. With that, I turned to the cards. The Death card is my personal business monthly theme (as derived from a business planning spread I performed at the beginning of the year). I decided to pull from my theme and asked the Tarot, “In relation to the Death card as my theme, what should I center my content around for this week? And for next week?”

Modern Witch Tarot, Lisa Sterle, Sterling Ethos

Both cards pulled are from the suit of Cups. Cups is a suit of relationships, love, partnership, intuition, and creativity. The Eight of Cups has a general meaning of walking away from that which no longer serves you and towards that which serves your Higher path, your soul journey. And the Ten of Cups has a general meaning of fulfillment and harmony in relationships, as well as an abundance in creativity. You can see the progression from the eight to the ten, from disappointment, withdrawal, and separation to fulfillment, joy, and an alignment of values.

These two cards have presented me with an awesome opportunity to expand on the Death card (discussed here) for the remainder of February. Change and transformation, an end and a beginning. From disappointment to fulfillment. Excited to get started on this content map!


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